• Available for new or previously dealer-titled vehicles with fewer than 10,000 miles at lease inception
  • Available for vehicles up to $100,000 MSRP
  • XS Wear Lease Protection must be purchased on the effective date of the lease


  • Charges of $1,000 or more caused by a single incident or event
  • Charges due to dishonest, intentional, fraudulent, criminal, or illegal acts
  • Charges for missing parts valued at greater than $150 each
  • Charges if the odometer has stopped, been altered or tampered with, or disconnected
  • Charges for any part, equipment, or accessory added to the vehicle after delivery

Business Use Coverage

  • If XS Wear is purchased, Business Use XS Wear is required for any lease in a business name or if the vehicle is used in business
  • Many business uses are covered, except for rental, hire to public, ride sharing, hauling, plowing, construction, towing, law enforcement, and emergency purposes