Are you in the market for an exciting new electric SUV to drive in South Burlington, VT? Then you will want to know more about the upcoming Chevy Blazer SS, the first Chevy EV to feature a performance SS model. The Blazer SS will debut this year and will be available at Key Chevrolet Buick GMC of Burlington, VT, in 2023.

The Debut of the Blazer SS

Chevy recently released a video that offered a brief glimpse of the all-new Blazer SS. The video does not show the vehicle in full, but rather highlights details of the electric SUV that are likely to intrigue customers all over Essex, VT. From an automatic charger cover to stylish wheels, the details shown in the unveiling are fascinating and leave viewers wanting to know more about this new electric SUV.

Chevy's Commitment to Electric Vehicles

The Blazer SS is just the latest in Chevy's growing lineup of electric and hybrid vehicles. Chevy EVs can help you save money on gas in Colchester, all while reducing tailpipe emissions on the road. Other Chevy electric vehicles include the Blazer EV, Bolt EUV, Bolt EV, and Silverado EV.

What Makes the Blazer SS Special

The Blazer SS is the first Chevy EV performance model. That means it will deliver tremendous performance, the likes of which you would expect from a performance electric vehicle. The Blazer SS will also likely turn heads everywhere you drive in Shelburne.

Learn More about the Blazer SS Today

At Key Chevrolet Buick GMC of Burlington, VT, we are committed to keeping our customers up to date with information about new Chevy EVs, including the Blazer SS. If you have any questions about the Blazer SS or any other Chevy EVs, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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