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  • Christopher C

    COLCHESTER, VT | 2016 Chevrolet Cruze
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 17, 2021
    No problem at all. COVID-19 not yet informed about lifted without mask. Otherwise than that, excellent job!
  • William B

    GRAND ISLE, VT | 2020 Chevrolet 2500HD Silverado
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 16, 2021
    Excellent, quick in and out
  • Mary M

    COLCHESTER, VT | 2017 Buick Encore
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 15, 2021
    I had a power problem , and the check engine light came on - could not get it looked at for 4 days . I left it there as unsafe to drive - Told me is was a code for low boost - ( note it’s still Under warranty) and changed air filter and charged me $130- within 2 days problem was back again. After reading service bulletins it says these have bad turbos and that can be one of the codes ? Why would they not do that ? I drove it to another dealer and traded it in for another type of car.
  • Shannon T

    MILTON, VT | 2014 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 12, 2021
  • Rodney C

    HINESBURG, VT | 2020 GMC 3500HD Sierra
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 9, 2021
    Charged for installation of equipment that should have been installed at the purchase of the vehicle. A defect in the attachment of a mud flap was noted but not corrected. Thanks for the oil change, appreciate that.
  • Susan C

    WILLISTON, VT | 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 2, 2021
    Great service
  • Kathryn C

    LINCOLN, VT | 2016 GMC Acadia
    Confirmed Service Review
    July 2, 2021
    Service has always been good. People are polite and friendly. It’s not always easy to get an appointment quickly, like in 24 hrs but good service once you’re in!
  • Stanley B

    BRISTOL, VT | 2021 GMC Acadia
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 29, 2021
    I had a 3month old Acadia send me all kinds of computer messages and then it quit on me at a campground. I had to call out of work and cancel a Dr appt to have this car dealt with. When I called the dealership to inquire on what to do next they took all my info then told me to call GMC Roadside Assistance and they would deal with the car. I did and it took quite a conversation to get them to tow it to So. Burlington and not Springfield VT. Well it got towed and no one called me they called my husband. He knew what was going on but he was not the one who called with the issue. Then I had to go get a loaner at the dealership and I felt like I was adding additional stress to their busy day. I overheard Cody telling Adam (my original sales person) to have her sign this and get her out of here. Cody never looked up, nor smiled or wave to at least acknowledge my presence. So I take that as he wanted me out of there. On my way out after signing paperwork saying I'll bring back the car when due or pay whatever the daily fee was, Adam took me to the loaner which was a little pontiac. I laughed only because he just told me I would probably be given a Cadillac as a loaner. Which of course I don't need but how funny people quickly forget what you just bought. Then his statement was the icing on the cake, Well at least they are loaning you Pontiac just like you bought !!!!! I wanted to throw the key at him and then reminded him of what I just bought through him. No comparison that I could see. So in a nutshell I will not purchase another car there nor will I recommend them to anyone!! On a positive note Jeff Baldwin was wonderful, showed a little understanding and seemed to relate to my frustration. Never did find a true problem but it is running good at the moment. Funny how the general manager made a point of coming out and talking to my husband and I when we bought the car and had a wonder little speech on service after a sale and any issues call him directly and Key's commitment to their customers blah blah blah. I haven't spoken to him but hope this letter makes it his desk!!!! Very disappointed with this place and frankly nobody gave a damn about my situation with this vehicle, only how it seemed to inconvenience them. Feel free to call me at 802-453-3464 Bonnie Burritt
  • Joselyn B

    MORGAN, VT | 2021 GMC Terrain
    Confirmed Sales Review
    June 28, 2021
    Great experience and people weren’t pushy for us to buy like we’ve encountered at other dealerships.
  • Timothy W

    HINESBURG, VT | 2020 GMC 1500 Sierra
    Confirmed Service Review
    June 17, 2021
    Jared Wheaton in the service department was super-helpful, professional, and just plain pleasant to deal with. In an age where bored and disinterested is the norm, I really appreciate this. I also appreciated the tech's video tour of the undercarriage. I knew that everything was basically sound under there, but I still appreciated the "look" under the vehicle.